Design Ideas for Arches and Pergolas

Get inspired to make your arch or pergola a garden retreat with these photos of stunning outdoor spaces.

  • Arches Have Been Used in Gardens for Centuries

    Middle Ages Arch

    Arches have been used in formal gardens for centuries. Arches were used to form a romantic link between two areas within the garden.

  • Lightweight Metal Beams Featured in Modern Pergola

    Modern Pergola

    With its open, lightweight metal beams, this striking modern pergola is more a feature in itself than a practical shade-casting structure. It suits its cool-climate garden, where deep shade is not essential.

  • Contrasting Shapes in Modern Pergola Add Interest

    Contrasting Shapes

    This cleverly designed modern pergola uses contrasting shapes to add to its impact. The unusually tall red posts are balanced by equally elongated overhanging beams, which link well with the softer shapes of interlocking circles in the side panels.

  • Pergola Beam Shadows

    Web of Wood

    This striking wooden pergola needs no vegetation at all: the web of shadow patterns cast by the overhead beams creates its own interest.

  • Stained Glass Used with Wooden Frame for Interest

    Using Stained Glass

    A hops-covered wooden frame with stained glass set into it gives interesting images and is an effective way of screening unwanted views.

  • Arbor with Swing Seat Enhances Outdoor Setting

    Arbor With Swing Seat

    Pots of geraniums and the scent of lilies further enhance the setting of this triangular arbor with its unusual suspended swing seat.

  • Vine-Covered Pergola

    Grand Veranda

    Original pergolas with stone pillars and overhead wooden beams were used to support grapes and provide shade. Here, a stately pergola of similar construction supports a beautiful wisteria to create a cool colonnade on the sunny side of this house.

  • Arbor-Covered Garden Bench

    Arbor Retreat

    A blue bench on a small area of paving draws the eye to this private place, where a canopy of beams and trailing climbers provide welcome shade and peaceful seclusion in which to rest.

  • Rose Covered Arch

    Rose-Covered Arch

    An old-fashioned rose-covered arch, here with the rambler 'Dorothy Perkins', looks wonderful in a country garden. The black picket gate looks just right framing the opening to the vegetable garden beyond.

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