Are Ducks the New Chickens?

Maybe you or someone you know keeps chickens. But what about raising ducks? Duck eggs are tasty, ducks are social creatures, and ducklings are as cute as can be.

Lisa Steele

Cute in a Carry-On

Whether you prefer raising ducks or choose chickens, homesteaders likely will agree that fuzzy ducklings are just about the cutest backyard birds.

Lisa Steele

Big on Flavor

Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs and are known for their rich flavor.

Lisa Steele

Stylish Duck House

Ducks need a place to nest that's warm and safe from predators. Make sure to include a ramp to the duck house so they can waddle right in.

Lisa Steele

Ducks Are Clean ... Really

These ducks might be muddy now, but ducks generally take care to stay clean by preening themselves often. Include a kiddie pool in your garden to help with bathing.

Lisa Steele

Staying Cool

Ducks will use a small pool to stay clean and cool off during warm months.

Lisa Steele

Happy Nesters

Nesting boxes should only be large enough for one female duck. Line them with soft material such as straw, hay or pine shavings. If the female duck isn’t comfortable, she may look elsewhere for a place to nest.

Lisa Steele

... And Happy Together

Ducks are social animals and welcome new members to the flock fairly quickly.

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