Dress Up Houseplants With Bold Planters

Turn indoor greenery into a trendy focal point with these new display ideas.

  • Make Your Own Book Planter

    Turn a vintage book into a one-of-a-kind tabletop planter. All you need: some glue, a craft knife and a desert plant like a succulent or cactus. Get our step-by-step instructions to create your own version.

  • Dining Room Vertical Garden

    Living, Breathing Art

    Make a bigger statement with a temporary living wall. This design for a Philadelphia row home uses a modular product called Woolly Pocket that acts as a natural air freshener and sound dampener. Asparagus fern, English ivy and calathea in reddish and purple tones further soften the edges of this contemporary interior.

  • Open-Air Terrariums

    Create a tiny natural world on your tabletop with these handblown glass terrariums from West Elm. The unfinished metal stand adds a little height and develops a beautiful patina over time.

  • Tiny Terrarium

    Mason-Jar Terrarium

    No budget for a new planter? You can turn a basic mason jar into an indoor green space with these simple step-by-step instructions.

  • Watering Grass

    Pet Bowl Planter

    Colder days mean less time outdoors for your pet, too. Turn an old pet dish into a planter full of safe-to-eat winter greens for your favorite four-legged friend.

  • Moveable Wall Art

    Rearrange your living wall to your heart's content with these magnetic planter boxes from Urbio. How it works: You purchase as many magnetic blocks as you'd like, then stick on durable polypropylene planters equipped with magnets strong enough to hold everything from succulents to leafy ferns. Once you've set up your blocks, you can move the planters to your heart's content.

  • Green Up Your Desk

    If you're not ready for the responsibility of watering a whole wall of plants, you can also tuck one or two bits of low-maintenance green (like this spiky spider plant) into your office space.

  • Cacti Container Garden with Toys

    Cactus Garden, Y'all

    Yee-haw! A basic planter becomes bold when you fill it with a tiny desert landscape studded with angular cacti. Add tiny plastic cowboys and Native Americans for a touch of whimsy.

  • Upside-Down Greenery

    For apartment dwellers or those short on counter space, meet your new friend: the Sky Planter from Poketo. A locking disc holds the soil and plant in place, while a reservoir system holds enough water to hydrate most plants for two weeks. Use it to grow your own herbs, ferns, orchids or other plants with a small root system.

  • Wall-Mounted Metal

    Bring your favorite patio plants in for the winter without taking up valuable counter space. These wall-mounted steel rings from Poketo hold standard 4-1/4-inch collared pots found in home and garden stores, or your favorite small vessels. If one of your plants meets an unfortunate fate, use the spare pot to store stray pencils, utensils or odds and ends.

  • Simply Geometric

    Bring the geometric trend to your garden pot with this sculptural planter from Etsy shop MGMY Studio. Each terra-cotta pot is designed and handmade in the company's studio in Brookyln, N.Y.

  • Busts or Bust

    Art doesn't have to be serious; these male and female busts from Floral Art double as whimsical planters. Fill them with easy-care mosses or succulents.

  • Hanging Garden Globes

    Stock up on these hanging, handblown glass globes from West Elm to create a living focal point in almost any room. Fill with air plants, succulents or moss to create your tiny garden.

  • Tree Stump Turned Planter

    A tree stump can be at home indoors as a rustic side table, but it can also double as an unexpected planter. Designer Kris Swift drilled holes in the surface of this tree stump, then embedded small succulents on top. The result: A living table!

  • Simple and Rustic

    For a more refined take on the rustic look, fill this burled wood planter from The Phillips Collection with smooth succulents in a variety of hues.

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