Using Large Garden Containers

Bigger can be better when it comes to containers. Choose large flower pots and urns to bump up your landscape's style.

  • Colorful Flowers Create Stately Pattern in Urns

    Ornate Urns

    Colorful flowers planted in large urns provide a stately frame for a grass walkway in this traditional garden.

  • Stylish Urban Outdoor Room

    Urban Outdoor Room

    Stylish, cylindrical containers add to the contemporary elegance of this urban outdoor room with limestone paving.

  • Contemporary Containers Fuse Old and New

    Old and New

    These traditional English garden irises contrast with the contemporary look of these large flower pots.

  • Intimate Gravel Garden

    Informal Container

    This large pot, made from weatherproof Cor-Ten steel, fits perfectly into the look of an informal garden space.

  • Garden Patio Foliage Decor

    Beautiful with Japanese Maples

    Because Japanese maples are compact and slow-growing, they make lovely candidates for your patio containers.

  • Contemporary Galvanized Containers

    Galvanized Containers

    Containers of varying heights and widths decorate this raised vegetable patch of chives, peppers, leeks, strawberries and tomatoes.

  • Contrasting Containers

    Mixing Hues

    The dark red of these large, contemporary containers mixes with the complementary hues of green Dasylirion longissimum.

  • On the Catwalk

    Garden Catwalk

    The colorful, spiky Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' planted in these tall, geometric containers gives this wooden garden catwalk a dramtic look.

  • Red Acer Contrasts with Blue Drum Planter

    Brilliant Contrast

    The brilliant red of this Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) stands out even more dramatically when contrasted against the cobalt blue of this old oil drum container.

  • Sweet Spot of English Lavender

    Lavender Container

    A large, round container will offer balance to the foliage and flowers of English lavender, a strongly aromatic addition to any summer garden.

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