The Many Faces of Daylilies

Daylilies come in many lovely varieties. You're sure to find one of these popular perennials that works great in your garden. Here are some of the popular cultivars.

Barbara Mitchell Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Barbara Mitchell'

'Barbara Mitchell' features 6-inch blooms in a soft pink. This semi-evergreen daylily will produce blooms beginning in mid-season and will rebloom. 'Barbara Mitchell' will reach about 20 inches tall. Grow in zones 3 to 9. Images courtesy of Oakes Farm.

Wayside King Royale Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Wayside King Royale'

An early- to mid-season bloomer, 'Wayside King Royale' grows as tall as 36 inches, with a bloom size of 6 inches. It thrives in zones 3 to 9.

Star Struck Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Star Struck'

The fragrant 'Star Struck' grows as tall as 26 inches with a bloom size of 5 inches. It thrives in zones 3 to 9. It's a mid- to late-season bloomer and will rebloom.

Red Volunteer Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Red Volunteer'

The semi-evergreen 'Red Volunteer' features 7-inch, mid-season blooms in deep red. It can grow taller than 2 feet and thrives in zones 3 to 9.

Moonlit Masquerade Alice Woodrome Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Moonlit Masquerade'

This early- to mid-season bloomer can grow taller than two feet and features 5.5-inch blooms bearing shades of cream and purple. This semi-evergreen daylily will rebloom and thrives in zones 3 to 9.

Lilting Belle Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Lilting Belle'

This mid- to late-season bloomer features 8 inch flowers in shades of pink, mauve and lavender. It can reach up to 3 feet in height. Hardy in zones 3 to 9.

Lavender Vista Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Lavender Vista'

'Lavender Vista' is an early- to mid-season bloomer that can reach nearly 2 feet in height and features 5-inch lavender and green blooms. Grow this evergreen in zones 3 to 9.

Lady Lucille Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Lady Lucille'

This daylily with bright orange, 6-inch flowers will bloom beginning in mid-summer and continue into late season. It will rebloom. Expect it to reach up to 2 feet in height. Grow in zones 3 to 9.

Happy Returns Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Happy Returns'

The fragrant 'Happy Returns' blooms beginning very early in the season and can continue into early fall. It grows about one to one and a half feet tall, and features 3-inch flowers in light yellow. It's very resistant to daylily rust.Grow in zones 3 to 9.

Eye Yi Yi Daylily © Oakes Farm


The 'Eye-Yi-Yi' features bright orange, 5-inch blooms. This evergreen daylily is an early season bloomer and can grow more than 2 feet high. Grow in zones 3 to 9.

Elizabeth Salter Daylily © Oakes Farm

'Elizabeth Salter'

The 5-inch, melon and pink blooms of 'Elizabeth Salter' feature lovely ruffled edges and appear in mid-season. This semi-evergreen daylily will reach nearly 2 feet in height and will rebloom. Grow in zones 3 to 9.

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