Road Trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden

HGTV Gardens paid a visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, where we soaked in the garden’s lush grounds, a temporary sculpture exhibition, and the atmospheric Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory.

Kalanchoe containers

Floating Flowers

Take your garden vertical by suspending your containers with simple metal cable. This wall of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana seems to hover in space in the lobby of the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory.

Flapjack plant

'Flapjacks' Plant

The succulent Kalanchoe 'Flapjacks' is notable for its softly-colored leaves that extend from the stem in a rosette pattern.

Plant Leaves

Bold Pattern and Broad Leaves

Ctenanthe burle-marxii is a native of Brazil, and thrives in semi-shade and humid areas. This example is growing in the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Fuqua Orchid Center.

Echeveria Runyonii

Lovely Succulent

The upward swept, blue-gray leaves of Echeveria runyonii stand out in containers with other succulents.


'Purple Sunset'

Fruit of 'Purple Sunset' pomegranate (Punica granatum) hang like ornaments on a Christmas tree. This example is planted in the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Edible Garden.

Plant Containers

Succulent Containers

A sunny patio at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is the setting for this display of varying-sized containers with an assortment of succulents that include Dyckia 'Black Gold' (clockwise from foreground), Yucca 'Color Guard', Euphorbia 'Sticks on Fire', Echeveria runyonii, and Kalanchoe 'Flapjacks'.

Medinilla myriantha

Rose Grape

Though the flowers of the Rose Grape plant (Medinilla myriantha) look like grapes, they aren't. They are, however, striking in the way they hang in panicles among the plant's deep green leaves.

Echeveria Euphorbia Plant

Striking Pair

The golden color of Euphorbia 'Sticks on Fire' stands out against the soft colors of Echeveria runyonii.

pepper aurora

Ornamental Pepper

Need a lively plant for your patio container? Consider the ornamental pepper Capsicum annuum 'Aurora', which produces small, brilliantly-colored fruit.

Yucca Plants

Succulent Patio

Succulents make the perfect patio plant in warm areas like Atlanta that can experience long stretches without rain. This arrangement at the Atlanta Botanical Garden uses the soft edges of Kalanchoe 'Flapjacks' to contrast with the spike-like appearance of Yucca 'Color Guard'.

Lizard winterberry

Lizard on Winterberry

The HGTV Gardens staff weren't the only ones enjoying the gardens, particularly this Winterberry Holly.

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