Easy Gardening Projects and Crafts for Beginners

Looking for a simple garden project for yourself or one to do with your kids? Check out these fun (and totally easy!) projects you can do all year long.

  • Gardening Tools for Kids

    Gardening for Beginners

    If you don't have a green thumb, or you're trying to cultivate one in your kids, start with one of these easy-to-make projects.

  • Seed Tape

    This sheet of paper helps tiny seeds grow into perfectly spaced plants.

  • Planting Seeds Tape

    Seed Tape

    See the easiest way to get your seeds on paper and into the ground.

  • Vermicomposting for Kids


    Start a miniature worm farm right under your kitchen sink and use the compost in your garden.

  • Vermicomposting

    Worms can turn your everyday kitchen waste into rich compost that plants absolutely love. See how:

  • Planting Seeds from HGTV blog, Gardening Club

    Window Box Farm

    Grow your own fresh veggies at a low cost and with minimal effort right at your window sill.

  • Water Soil and Seeds Gently With Watering Can

    Window Box Farm

    Some plants grow so quickly that your family can start a mini farm anytime from mid-spring to early summer for summer harvesting.

  • Making Pizza

    Pizza Garden

    Lure veggie-resistant kids into eating \"pizza toppings\" from a garden you make together.

  • Set Out Pots of Herbs in Wedges of Pizza Garden

    Pizza Garden

    Added bonus: you can shape your pizza garden like everyone's favorite pie.

  • Create Miniature Furniture from Natural Materials

    Fairy Garden

    Perfect for the colder months, this fairy garden can foster a magical feeling all year long.

  • Use Small Pebbles to Make Pathway Through Garden

    Fairy Garden

    Watch how to make a miniature container garden with pint-sized plants (tiny woodland sprites are left to your imagination).

  • Venus Fly Trap

    Carnivorous Plants

    It's not quite a Little Shop of Horrors, but this bog garden will be sure to attract insects.

  • Moss Added to Carnivorous Plants in Container Gard

    Carnivorous Plants

    Watch how to keep your meat-eating plants healthy and growing.

  • HGTV Family Garden Club Container with Personality

    Plant \"People\"

    Liven up your garden with some unexpected faces.

  •  Family Garden Club Plant Person Pot Step 3

    Plant \"People\"

    See the best plants for achieving a perfectly hairy look.

  • HGTV Family Gardening Club Boy with Terrarium


    Keeping a terrarium alive and well is easier than you may think.

  • terrarium plants


    Find out what goes into maintaining a flourishing enclosed garden.

  • Amaryllis Provides Boldest Flowers of Winter

    Bulb Gardens

    When winter rolls around and you really need a dose of life inside, try forcing bulbs to flower indoors.

  • Pot and rocks

    Bulb Gardens

    Amaryllis and Paperwhites make perfect gifts at the holidays. See how to start these bulbs:

  • Basil Plants with Decorative Stone

    Garden Art

    Make plant markers or unexpected art pieces for your garden, or to give to your favorite gardener.

  • Completed Bird Feeder

    Natural Birdfeeders

    You only need five ingredients (all of which you can buy at the grocery store) to make these feeders and bird food.

  • Preparing Bird Food

    Natural Birdfeeders

    Watch as we mix up the perfect natural batch of bird food for this feeder.

  • Dyeing Flowers

    Remember watching celery slurp up food dye in science class? The principle is the same here with much prettier results.

  • Dyeing Flowers

    Watch the dyeing process and get our best tips:

  • Wind Chime Project

    Handmade Wind Chimes

    Transform tiny terra-cotta pots into cheerful music-makers for your garden.

  • Newspaper Pots

    Start your seeds in these biodegradable \"pots,\" then plop each seedling into the ground, pot and all.

  • Container Butterfly Gardens

    Butterfly Containers

    Turn an ordinary basket, colander or even a pair of boots into a pretty garden that lures butterflies to your outdoor space.

  • Painting Garden Pots

    Garden Sundial

    Tell time in your garden with a made-from-scratch sundial fashioned out of container gardens and a few empty pots. Your kids will love running outside to check the time and water the \"hours.\"

  • Naturally Dyed Tee Shirts

    Natural Tie Dyes

    Learn how to turn edibles like strawberries, tea, blueberries and onion skins into natural dyes.

  • Seashell Frame Step 7

    Seashell Frame

    Use the seashells that your family collects at the beach to make the perfect summer memory and keepsake.

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