Top 10 Sprouting Seeds

There are many sprouting seeds to grow and eat, but here are our top choices. Sow a new batch each week and you can be munching on them all year round.

Excerpted from Ready, Set, Grow! by DK BooksDorling Kindersley
Mustard and Cress Sprouts DK - Ready Set Grow! © 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Mustard and Cress (Brassica hirta and Lepidium sativum)

Try these spicy, peppery sprouts if you are looking for a flavor with a bit of zing. You could sow them on the top of moist cotton stuffed inside an empty eggshell. Draw a face onto the shell. As the seeds grow, they'll look like a wacky hair style. Harvest in 7 days.

Excerpted from Ready, Set, Grow! by DK Books


Dorling Kindersley

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