Natural Homes for Backyard Birds

Create a welcoming habitat for birds in your backyard by giving them cozy places for nest-building and raising their young.

  • Like all conifers, these Black Hills spruces are perfect for nest-building. Birds can find good cover and warmth deep within the branches. And conifers such as junipers provide berries for winter food.

  • The thorny nature of most hollies helps make them an excellent cover for birds, keeping out all but the most determined predators. Cedar waxwings, cardinals and other birds enjoy the berries in late winter.

  • birds feel safe nesting in dark foliage of plum

    Birds like to build nests in deciduous trees with bare trunks and dense canopies; in terms of safety from predation, the more mature the tree, the better.

  • Wildlife Friendly Corner Made from Vines and Twigs

    Birds love this type of natural habitat, where piles of shrub and tree trimmings provide lots of cover. Poles hammered into the ground serve as the uprights.

  • Encourage Birds to Nest in Garden by Adding Boxes

    Choose a birdhouse with an entrance hole that's sized for the type of bird you want to attract. Openings that are too large allow in predators as well as wind and rain.

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