Perfect Plants for Miniature Gardens

Fairy gardens, model railway sets and bonsai displays create the illusion of a miniature landscape. In a garden where an inch may represent a foot, landscaping to scale requires plants that look like tiny replicas of the real thing.

  • Think Small

    Plants with small leaves, like this French thyme, help you landscape to the scale of your garden, and of course you don't want plants that grow too fast. Photo by Nancy Ondra

  • Add Colorful Foliage

    Consider varieties, like this golden oregano, that deliver bright contrast.

  • Turf for Tiny Gardens

    Irish moss makes a perfect \"lawn\" that doesn't have to be mowed. The \"turf\" spreads slowly and can be sliced away as needed; occasionally tiny white flowers will appear.

  • Creating a \"Tree\"

    Slow-growing plants that also take easily to pruning adapt well to tight spaces. We root-pruned this dwarf boxwood and removed about a quarter of its foliage prior to planting.

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