Chicken Coops for Backyard Flocks

Want to raise chickens but not sure what type of coop is best for your backyard? These 11 stylish hen houses will help you decide whether to buy one or design and build one yourself — plus how to make a coop work with your landscape.

Backyard Chicken Coop and Pond

Playhouse and Pond

After a bout of empty-nest syndrome when their children went off to college, the homeowners decided to \"fill their nest with chickens,\" turning an unused playhouse into a coop and adopting 10 chicks. The owners enjoy time spent in this picturesque backyard, laughing at the antics of their flock and petting the ones that like to sit on their laps. While the chickens don't willingly go for a swim in the pond, they do drink from it now and then.

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