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HGTV Family Gardening Club: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about our club.

How does the HGTV Family Gardening Club work?
It’s super simple. Every month we'll send you step-by-step instructions for an easy-to-follow gardening project that's high on the fun factor and low on difficulty. You also get the chance to ask questions or offer tips on the message board. In the middle of every month, we’ll send another newsletter that answers your questions and gives you tips, plus we'll highlight our favorite photos and videos of members' projects (it could be yours!).

Does it cost anything?
Club membership is free and we choose the projects with your pocketbook in mind.

Who is the HGTV Family Gardening Club for?
Budding gardeners of any age can enjoy getting their hands dirty with these family-friendly ideas.

What tools or equipment will I need?
You don’t need any expensive or specialized gardening tools. Many of our materials lists consist of things you can find in your garage.

Do I have to have any gardening skill?
None at all — although after a few projects, you may be surprised by how comfortable you start to feel with your hands in the dirt.

How can I be chosen to be in the newsletter?
Post your images or video of your kids working on one of the Gardening Club projects on our bulletin board, and if it looks like your family is having fun, we're bound to take notice. Please submit high-res images.

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