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Create a Stunning Herb Container Garden

Make it easy to snip a handful of fresh herbs while you're cooking — keep this fragrant herb garden on the deck or patio.

Erinn Valencich,
Herb Container

Materials Needed:

  • container for planting
  • potting soil
  • herbs
  • trowel
  • watering vessel or hose
  • garden labels (optional)

Know Your Herbs

Before you begin, learn the growing requirements for the herbs you've selected. We've chosen plants that can be placed relatively close together for this small herb garden. Species that will grow tall can be placed in the back of the container. Also, decide where you'll place the container — most herbs grow well in full sun to partial shade.

Prepare for Herb Container Garden

Select a Container and Provide Drainage

Based on the number of herbs you want to include in the container and the spacing required, determine the size of the garden's container. The container needs to have drainage so water won't collect in the base. This project uses an artificial conch shell and drilled drainage holes in the bottom.

Arrange Potted Herbs in Container

Add Potting Soil

Fill container halfway with potting soil.

  • Shovel Potting Soil in Container
  • Add Base Layer of Potting Soil

Arrange and Plant

Arrange the plants in a pleasing composition according to their spacing requirements — take into consideration their mature size. Place taller plants in the back and shorter varieties in the front.

Place Herbs in Container

Top Off the Container

After all the herbs are in place, fill the rest of the container with potting soil to about an inch below the rim.

Plant Herbs is Right Level of Soil

Pack Soil

Pack down the potting soil with the back of the trowel or your fingers.

Press Soil Firmly with Shovel


Water the newly planted herbs liberally.

Water Newly Planted Herbs

Label (Optional)

Add labels to your herb garden so you and others can keep track of what's growing. Place the container near the kitchen door or on a back porch so you can easily get to your new herb garden while cooking.

Label Herbs in Container
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