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Planting a Hanging Basket

Edible and aromatic herbs always seem tastier when at eye level and baskets can look spectacular when planted with a range of leaf colors and textures. Hang near the kitchen or barbecue for a readily accessible herb garden.

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Step 1

Check that the basket has a good number of drainage holes in the base and sides—a skewer pushed through the liner several times from the outside will help. Partially fill with top-quality fresh compost and gently firm.

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Step 2

Carefully remove the plants from their pots and if the roots are congested, gently tease them out a little. Arrange and space out the hardy herbs first, filling larger gaps with tender herbs such as basil.

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Step 3

Add more fresh compost around the roots, gently firming down in stages, until the herbs are at the same planting level as in their pots. Trim back any damaged stems or bruised leaves and use later.

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Step 4

Water well before hanging your basket and make sure that excess moisture drains away. Select a robust hook and hang carefully as large baskets can be very heavy—especially when wet.

©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2009
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