How Plants Grow

Learn what plants need to grow strong and healthy, and you can help them to put on their best performance.

Excerpted from How to Grow Practically Everything
sunflowers need lots of sun,water and nutrients How To Grow Practically Everything ©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2010

Light Requirements

Plants make energy from sunlight through photosynthesis, and can thrive only if they receive the right amount for their needs. Different plants have evolved to survive in different conditions; some love shade, while others prefer their heads in the sun. Plants also offer clues about the conditions they enjoy — those with small hairy or gray leaves, such as lavender, enjoy sunny sites, and those with large, dark green leaves grow well in shade. When choosing plants, check their light requirements and plant them in an appropriate place. Young plants are particularly vulnerable to poor light conditions and will struggle to get established if the sun is blocked by weeds, so keep the area around them free of competing plants as they mature.

Sunflowers literally love their heads in the sun and the blooms follow its path throughout the day.

Excerpted from How to Grow Practically Everything

© Dorling Kindersley Limited 2010

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