Well-Loved (and Used) Greenhouses

The first hard frost of fall doesn't have to mean the end of gardening. Check out these greenhouses and get ideas for extending your plant-growing season.

  • Eco-Friendly Greenhouse

    Powered by the Sun

    This charming greenhouse uses solar energy for the exhaust fan, ceiling fan and lights. Recycled windows and doors went into the construction. Posted by Caribou and Coach.

  • Large Backyard with Greenhouse

    Couldn't Part With It

    Says Rate My Spacer buckyb, who brought this little greenhouse along when he and his family moved, \"It's ancient and ready to cave.\"

  • Greenhouse for Winter Protection

    Greens in the Ground

    During the winter RMSer twojayds grows lettuce, radishes, broccoli and other cool-weather crops directly in the floor of this greenhouse, which was built from recycled windows and lumber.

  • Greenhouse Plants

    Exotic Jungle

    Orchids enjoy RMSer jamescollins' greenhouse.

  • Greenhouse with Container Garden

    Huddled for Warmth

    Tender plants from the yard will spend the cold Utah winter in RMSer SDEP's greenhouse.

  • Winter Greenhouse is Safe Haven

    Let it Snow

    For fresh produce in January, RMSer SDEP grows tomatoes and cucumbers in her greenhouse.

  • Small, Backyard Greenhouse

    Integrated into the Garden

    Surrounded by a planting bed of its own, this greenhouse is obviously well used. Posted by Pandafemale

  • Intimate Cottage Garden with Greenhouse

    Charming Garden Scene

    A wide green path through antique roses and butterfly-attracting plants leads to a cottage-style greenhouse. Posted by rachelk

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