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How to Replace an Outdoor Water Spigot

Repair experts show you how to install a new outdoor faucet.

Materials Needed:

  • screwdriver
  • adjustable wrench
  • pipe wrench
  • adjustable pliers
  • plumbers' tape
  • stiff-bristled brush
  • new spigot


1. First locate the main water shutoff valve and turn off the water. Size the adjustable wrench to fit snugly against the water shutoff valve, and turn it 90 degrees by inserting a screwdriver through the hole in the handle of the wrench.

2. Open the spigot and allow the water to drain.

3. Now remove the defective spigot. Grasp the pipe below the spigot tightly with adjustable pliers. Tighten the pipe wrench around the body of the spigot and twist it off.

4. Clean the pipe threads with a brush.

5. Wrap the pipe threads with plumber's tape, starting at the base and working up.

6. Install the new spigot and tighten by hand. Once you cannot tighten by hand anymore, wrap the new spigot with a towel to protect it and tighten fully using adjustable pliers.

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