Pets in the Garden

Sometimes it's hard to strike a balance between keeping the flower beds pristine and providing fun and relaxation for our pets. Readers share images of their furry critters completely at home in the garden.

  • The family pet prefers the second tier of this water feature for a cooling place to relax after playing ball. Posted by RMSer pam25.

  • RMSer winterpark says her \"camera hogs\" always try to get into the picture. The subject of her photo was supposed to be her ponytail palm, registered as the oldest in Florida, until one of the dogs popped in.

  • The contents of this garden pond couldn't be more interesting. Posted by RMSer womanonamission.

  • RMSer marciataylor says the new pergola with its propane \"bread oven\" is the perfect place to hang out. Rock, the dog, agrees.

  • Ali doesn't always look this good, says RMSer composthappens. She and Lucy, another Shih Tzu, are \"partners in grime.\"

  • Great Pyrenees love hostas, says RMSer edwardsh.

  • Max loves taking the path through the perennial garden, says RMSer mccrazy4hgtv.

  • Gardening in containers \"keeps my three 'kids' out of trouble — and me loving my gardens,\" says RMSer ThreeDogMom.

  • \"What's a backyard without pet alpaca?\" asks RMSer Fixitmom. She and her husband built a \"loafer barn\" for alpaca they purchased at a county fair.

  • Using this ingenious wire tunnel, RMSer decor8tor's cat can travel to and fro from the house to a screened gazebo, made just for her, where she can enjoy the breeze and survey the goings-on in the yard without her owners having to worry about her safety.

  • Petunia, RMSer Eddie Wood's potbellied pig, explores the turf. She's \"my biggest baby,\" says Eddie.

  • A curious goose, another resident in RMSer Eddie Wood's yard, checks out the camera.

  • Who wouldn't want to enjoy the sun on this colorful balcony? Shared by RMSer dachsieangelgirl

  • A feline adventurer enjoys RMS user pumpkinpuss' garden.

  • Check out RMSer thehappygardener's lily pond!

  • Share photos of your pets in the garden at Rate My Space

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