Raised Bed Gardening

Nobody wants to spend countless hours tilling up land and checking pH levels. Raised bed gardening is an easy way to take the toil and trouble out of gardening.

  • Soiled Plants

    A bountiful harvest awaits when you fill your beds with top-notch garden soil.

  • Raise the Roof

    You don't need open fields to garden. Here a raised garden made of bricks and a rain barrel provide soil and nourishment for a vegetable crop.

  • Power Tower

    If you're short on space, stack your raised beds to maximize on crop yields.

  • A Garden Path

    Raised gardens can also be quite lovely. Check out this stone bed filled with calendulas.

  • Gardening

    Think Big

    There's no limit to how large a raised garden can be. This one makes up a sizable garden plot.

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