Top 10 Easiest Perennials

Browse these pictures of flowers, and find an assortment of low-maintenance plants that will give you color in the garden from spring to fall.

Colorful Shade Garden


Feathery flower clusters appear above the fern-like foliage in midspring. Astilbe comes in shades of pink, rose and white.

Delicate Pink Peonies


An extremely long-lived perennial, the peony produces its fragrant flowers in late spring. Often the blooms are so large that the stems have to be staked.

Dramatic Hosta


With hostas you get a bright splash of foliage color that lasts all season long. Tubular flowers appear on tall stalks in midsummer.


Moderately drought-tolerant, coneflower is a butterfly magnet in summer. The large daisy-like flowers on two- to three-foot-tall stems come in shades of pink, white, orange, rose and yellow.

Purple Mexican Bush Sage


Long-blooming spikes on drought-tolerant plants make salvia an enduring summer-blooming plant, and many varieties, like this Mexican bush sage, flower in late summer to fall.

Bright Yellow Achillea Flowers


This drought-tolerant perennial with its flat-topped blooms and ferny foliage are a welcome addition to the summer garden.

Cheerful Yellow Flowers

Black-eyed Susan

Depending on the variety, this prolific, drought-tolerant perennial produces dozens of flowers in midsummer to fall.

Vivid Purple Russian Sage

Russian sage

Very drought tolerant, Russian sage adds color to the late summer and fall garden. Pair it with ornamental grasses.

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