When Leaves Come First

There are few pleasures that gardeners look forward to more than the first flowers of spring. After the bloom fades, all that's left is the foliage. However, the foliage can come in an endless array of colors.

  • Trachelospermum 'First Snow' (photo courtesy of Wayside Gardens)
  • Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger' (photo courtesy of Wayside Gardens)
  • Polemonium 'Stairway to Heaven' (photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries)
  • 'My Monet' weigela (photo courtesy of Wayside Gardens)
  • 'Light O Day' hydrangea (photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries)
  • 'Pesto Perpetual' basil (photo courtesy of Sunny Border Nurseries)
  • Begonia 'Benitochiba' (photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries)
  • 'Cathedral' (photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries)
  • Miscanthus 'Super Stripe' (photo courtesy of Blooms of Bressingham)
  • 'Haight Ashbury' (photo courtesy of EuroAmerican)
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