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Hinoki Falsecypress

Chamaecyparis obtusa

Plant type: conifer
USDA Zone: 5 to 8

The species is typically a tall (up to 75 feet) pyramidal tree, but you'll most likely see one of the many cultivars in landscapes. Give this shrub a moist, well-drained loam in a sunny to part shady but non-windy area. Great as a specimen or accent, also in rock gardens.

Selected cultivars

'Nana Gracilis'. Dark green foliage with a sculpted look; mature size is about six feet high and up to four feet wide.

'Nana'. Grows very slowly to about three feet tall and slightly wider.

'Golden Sprite'. Very dwarf, dense form with gold-tipped green foliage. Grows extremely slowly up to 10 inches tall in 20 years.

'Filicoides'. A large bush or small tree with an open, sometimes straggly habit and droopy foliage.

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