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Hot New Roses

Winning roses for 2005 may be good candidates for your garden.

'Lady Elsie May'
This shrub rose bears clusters of semi-double coral-pink blooms from spring to fall. A 2005 All-America Rose Selection winner, the upward-spreading plant is said to have excellent disease resistance but only slight fragrance. Flowers are 3-1/2 to four inches wide. Shrub size: 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall.

'About Face'
This grandiflora, another AARS winner, has two-toned petals — golden yellow on the inside, bronzy orange-red on the back side. The large flowers — measuring up to five inches across — form on long stems.

Still another AARS winner, 'Elle' is a hybrid tea that produces pink flowers blushed with gold on 10- to 14-inch stems. The color doesn't fade, and the blooms have a spicy-citrus fragrance. Above-average resistance to blackspot and mildew.

'Tuscan Sun'
The Jackson & Perkins Floribunda of the Year, this bronzy-apricot rose fades to a coppery pink. Blooms in clusters on a three- to four-foot-tall bush. Spicy fragrance.

Here's a rose that's sure to press the romance button — a very fragrant pure-white Romantica rose. Petal count is 100. Train this one up an arbor or trellis, sit back and enjoy.

Clusters of fuschia-pink single roses bloom all summer on this low-growing compact shrub rose, also an AARS winner. Foliage is very disease resistant. Hardy to Zone 4.

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