Signature Wedding Cocktails

Toast to a long, happy marriage with these delicious signature wedding cocktails and mocktails.

  • Frozen Mint Julep Cocktail

    Frozen Mint Julep Cocktail

    This is the ideal Southern way to celebrate and cool off after dancing.

  • Whiskey Buck Cocktail

    Relive the swinging '60s with this simple, retro cocktail featuring whiskey, lime and ginger syrup. Perfect for an old-fashioned garden wedding!

  • Rose and Mint Champagne Cocktail

    If your wedding is romantic or bohemian, try this beautiful brew. Dried rosebuds, fresh mint, lime and champagne combine to make this beautiful and delicious beverage for a festive occasion.

  • Rose Lemon Champagne Punch

    Toast with a flute of punch! This sparkling cocktail is crisp, refreshing and pretty to boot. The deep red color makes this a natural choice for winter weddings.

  • Cardamom Berry Smash

    Cardamom Berry Smash

    The deep flavor of fresh blackberries melds with the exotic spice of cardamom syrup and citrusy botanicals of gin to create a refreshing relief to the summer heat. This would fit right in at a farmhouse affair.

  • Matcha Green Tea Gimlet

    If you're looking for sophistication, look no further. The grassy notes of the matcha balance perfectly with the flowery botanicals of the London dry gin in this very \"green\" cocktail. It's a bit tart, a bit sweet, a bit unusual and very tasty.

  • Champagne Cocktail

    Fizzy Lizzy

    Here's a drink sure to please both of your families: This simple, fruity drink is a cross between a top-shelf margarita and a champagne cocktail.

  • Sol de Flare Cocktail

    Sol de Flare Cocktail

    Some like it hot! This refreshing cocktail, peppered with spicy tequila, is sure to start a fiesta on your special day.

  • Melon Margarita Cocktail

    Mellow Melon Margarita

    Like its name promises, this fruity twist on the traditional margarita will leave you refreshed and feeling mellow. (And who can't use that after all the stressful planning?)

  • Sake Sangria

    Sake Sangria

    For couples who want something a little different, say \"sayonara\" to typical sangria: This take on the classic fruit-and-wine concoction is infused with sake and a splash of sour mix.

  • Cocktail With a Lemon Rind Garnish

    The Urbanpolitan

    A grittier, sassier version of the classic Cosmo, this cocktail is a combination of citrus vodkas, sour mix, cranberry juice and lime juice. If you're getting hitched in the city, this is the cocktail for you.

  • Orange Drinks Served with a Straw

    Sparkling Cran-Citrus Mocktail

    It's great to include a mocktail for those who don't imbibe or little ones in attendance. A splash of cranberry juice added to orange-flavored sparkling water gives this drink a fun coral hue. Rim each glass with sugar and garnish with an orange wedge to evoke an adult-beverage aesthetic.

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