DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Be your own florist with our DIY wedding centerpiece ideas. If you've got a black thumb, you're in luck, too. Alternative centerpieces are hot, and we show you how to go flower-free.

  • Country Summer Centerpiece

    Country Charm

    This romantic display is full of scent and texture, arranged in a rustic, earthenware container. If you have any roses left over, pull the petals off gently and scatter them around the base of the vase before the wedding guests arrive.

  • Create Floral Cupcakes in Unique Arrangement

    Cute as a Cupcake

    A wire cupcake stand gives this centerpiece its tiered shape. Hydrangeas, peonies and roses amp up the romance and look as delicate as frosted confections.

  • Fruit Cube Arrangement Produces Unusual Effect

    Add Zest With Citrus

    Slices of limes add a twist to this bold grouping of cockscomb flowers. If yellow is one of your wedding colors, try this arrangement with sunflowers and lemons instead.

  • Autumn Table Centerpiece has Rustic Look

    Autumn Basket Beauty

    This informal basket centerpiece adds a cozy feel to autumn nuptials with a short, round shape.

  • Centerpiece Delivers Aura of Casual Formality

    Formal Winter Look

    A candle in the center of this arrangement adds a traditional feeling.

  • Cream-Colored Centerpiece

    A Dream in Cream

    Chosen to match the color of the oval enamel basket, this floral mix is wild and unfussy, yet sweet. The shape works best for long reception tables.

  • Dahlia Display

    Box of Jewels

    Jewel dahlias' intricate petals and intense colors shine like gems in an old jewelry box, while the mix of buds, semi-open and fully open blooms add interest and texture.

  • Yellow Flower Spring Collection

    May Flowers

    These fresh, cheerful centerpieces were designed for a spring wedding.

  • Summer Long and Low Table Centerpiece

    Long & Low

    A long and low arrangement is not an everyday display, but this classic design has its place in a traditional setting.

  • Stunning Floral Arrangement

    Over-the-Top Urn

    At five feet tall, its grand scale is too much for a reception table, but it's perfect somewhere where it will get noticed, like an entrance hall or a buffet.

  • Splendor in the Grass

    Kim Foren of Geranium Lake mixed bunches of grass in with tulips for a fresh and fragrant grouping.

  • Homemade Paper Floral Centerpiece

    Paper Flower Power

    Keren Dukes' orange paper flowers pack a stylish punch, no florist required.

  • Birdcage Centerpiece and Wedding Guest Book

    Birdcages That Sing

    Birdcages are in-demand for wedding table styling. Make one a centerpiece by placing a fresh flower arrangement inside the bars.

  • #1 Vases

    Vintage trophies make perfect vases for floral centerpieces, or fill them with straws and/or utensils so they add form and function to your tables.

  • Pencil Pinwheel

    Whimsical Pinwheels

    These pencil pinwheels are especially appropriate for weddings with a light-hearted theme (like a country fair). They may be a kid craft but they'll appeal to the inner-child in your guests.

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