13 Easy and Adorable Easter Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Find a baker's dozen of ideas to dress up a basic vanilla cupcake this Easter with ingredients you can find at your local supermarket — no pastry bags, cake decorating skills or specialty ingredients required.

  • Easter Cupcake Decorating Ideas

    One Cupcake Recipe, 13 Decorating Ideas

    Use our lemon-scented cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting as the base for any of these decorating ideas. Get the recipe!

  • Baby Chick Easter Cupcakes

    Pint-Sized Chicks

    Turn bite-sized mini cupcakes into chirping spring chicks. Start with a layer of robin's-egg blue frosting, then top with a beak fashioned from fruit leather triangles and mini chocolate chip eyes. Present in a \"nest\" of shredded paper or Easter grass.

  • Marshmallow Sheep Easter Cupcakes

    Little Lambs

    Kids will love using chocolate chips, chewing gum and mini marshmallows to create their own lamb cupcakes. To create the lamb's ears, cut a slice of a full-sized marshmallow, cut it in half and then cut it into quarters. Attach to a frosted white cupcake alongside the eyes.

  • Nest-Topped Easter Cupcakes

    Spring Bird's Nest

    Ring in spring with this brightly colored cupcake topped with a \"nest\" of edible Easter grass and a few speckled malted milk eggs. To make the nest, twist several pieces of the grass into a circle, then wrap another strand around to secure.

  • Easy Spiral-Topped Easter Cupcake

    Simple Scrollwork

    To create this professional-looking Easter cupcake design, roll both ends of green licorice strips in opposite directions to meet in the middle. Affix to a frosted cupcake; the frosting will help the licorice keep its shape.

  • Almond Chicks Easter Cupcakes

    Tiny Chicks + Coconut Nest

    Chirp, chirp! Re-create these Jordan almond chicks by using food-safe decorating pens to draw eyes and a triangle-shaped beak. Roll a frosted cupcake in toasted coconut, then make an indentation in the center with your thumb. Tuck three decorated almonds inside the \"nest.\"

  • Flower-Topped Easter Cupcakes

    Cheerful Spring Flower

    For an even simpler Jordan almond decoration, create this bright flower design. Put a lemon drop in the center of a frosted vanilla cupcake, then add Jordan almond petals in the color of your choice.

  • Citrus Slice-Topped Spring Cupcakes

    Fruit-Slice Flowers

    This stunning cupcake is deceptively simple to make. Cut a sugared citrus slice into three pieces lengthwise, then affix to the cupcake, facing the same direction and cut-side up, in a flower shape. Cut the bottom of a gumdrop and affix cut-side down to form the center of the flower.

  • Butterfly-Topped Easter Cupcakes

    White Chocolate Butterflies

    All you need for this butterfly-embellished cupcake? A bag of white chocolate pretzels. To make your own, snap off the bottom of two pretzels, then tuck them into the cupcake as \"wings,\" leaving a small gap in between. Use one of the bottom pieces as the butterfly's body.

  • Edible Easter Basket

    Turn a cupcake into an edible Easter basket kids can fill with their favorite treats. Use a paring knife to cut a well in the center of the cupcake. Fill with a thin layer of frosting and a few strands of edible Easter grass, then add a braided licorice handle. Here, jelly beans and a circus peanut-turned-marshmallow bunny fill the basket.

  • Carrot-Topped Easter Cupcakes

    Garden-Fresh Cupcakes

    This year, re-create the garden atop an Easter dessert. Start by dipping a frosted cupcake into crushed chocolate graham crackers. Push chunks of a coconut-peanut butter candy into the cupcake to stand in as carrots. Then use a dot of orange frosting to affix small pieces of green licorice as leaves. A craft stick marks the type of crop; this could also be personalized and used as a place card for each guest's spot at the Easter table.

  • Spring Message Easter Cupcakes

    Springtime Greeting

    Use candy dots to spell out a springy greeting atop frosted cupcakes. A jellied fruit slice flower fills in the extra space of this \"Happy Easter!\" message.

  • Candy Corn Easter Cupcake

    Candy-Corn Flower

    Candy corn isn't just for Halloween celebrations: In springy pastels, the confection can also dress up your Easter cupcakes. To re-create this look, add a ring of candy corn around the bottom of a frosted cupcake, alternating colors. Continue adding the candy corn bottom-side down until you reach the center.

  • Lemon Curd-Filled Spring Cupcakes

    Lemon Curd-Filled Cakes

    To make this dinner party-worthy spring dessert, bake a classic vanilla cupcake in a greased and floured cupcake tin with no liner. Turn cooled cupcakes upside down, cut out a piece of the center and fill with store-bought lemon curd. Garnish with a dusting of powdered sugar and a mint leaf, if desired.

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