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Make a Festive New Year's Eve Tiara

Using basic party goods as a template, create your own tiaras embellished with glittered cardstock, fringed tissue paper and decorative brads. Or, set up a decorating station and let party guests create their own!

Kim Stoegbauer, The TomKat Studio; Photography by ten22 studio

Materials Needed:

  • premade paper tiara (from party supply store, any style)
  • patterned cardstock
  • glittered cardstock
  • tissue paper
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • gold or pearl buttons or brads
  • 2" circle punch (optional)
  • scissors

Trace Design Onto Cardstock

Remove foil headband from premade paper tiara.Use existing paper tiara to trace onto the backside of patterned cardstock. Cut out with scissors.

Create the Tissue Paper Fringe

Next, create the fringed tissue paper. Cut a sheet of tissue paper into quarters, lengthwise. Fold each quarter in half lengthwise. Using the scissors, cut into the open end of the tissue paper towards the fold to create fringe. Stop about 1/2-inch from the fold.

Now, you're ready to assemble the tiaras.

Assemble the Tiaras

Attach the tiara cutout to the original foil headband using hot glue.

Using a 2-inch circle punch or scissors, cut circles of glittered cardstock to embellish the tiara. Add sections of fringed tissue paper and a button or brad. Attach all embellishments using hot glue.

Let guests keep their headbands as a fun New Year's Eve party favor.

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