Host a Holiday Party for Your Pet

Forget a pet-friendly party — this one is completely pet-focused. Pamper your favorite dogs this holiday season with a party guaranteed to make their tails wag.

  • Pet-Focused Party

    The family pet gets a Christmas stocking; why not throw your beloved pooch a party to celebrate the holiday season? Get our treat recipes and decorating ideas for the perfect paw-ty.

  • Set the Guest List With Care

    As most pet-parents would know, it is preferable to not invite cats to a doggy party or dogs to a kitty party. Plan to only invite one or the other. A dog party is not the ideal time to bring a new dog into the social mix, and it's definitely not a good place for an aggressive dog or any dog you're unsure about. Get more tips to make your pet-focused party a success.

  • Custom Invitations

    Just as with any party, invitations set the festive mood and serve as handy reminders for details such as when, where, and what to expect. Easily create custom invites, using this downloadable template designed by Fig.2Design. Print these 4-1/4 inch by 5-1/2 inch invites on brown Kraft paper and cut to size. Cut teal cardstock to add an inch to invite size. Glue invites to cardstock and place in envelopes made from wrapping paper. If hand-delivering the invites, attach a treat for the four-legged recipient.

  • Unbreakable Buffet

    This isn't the time to break out fine china. Instead, look for sturdy-but-stylish melamine and plastic dishware. String shatterproof teal and blue orbs on a floral wire for an easy DIY ornament garland. Hang it above the treat table and well out of reach of the guests' paws.

  • Custom Treats

    There are so many gourmet options available at most pet stores, but why not mix it up by making some of your own? Not only are homemade treats fresher, healthier options, they also allow to limit your pet's sugar and salt intake.

  • Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

    For canines who are peanut butter fans, this homemade dog treat gets a double dose of nutty goodness from the batter and the creamy frosting.

  • Oat Dog Biscuits With Cream Cheese Frosting

    These healthy and delicious dog biscuits are frosted with colored cream cheese frosting that gets just a little bit of sweetness from wholesome honey.

  • Strawberry Shortcake Dog Biscuits

    Delight your pet with this dog-friendly take on the classic berries-and-cream dessert.

  • Flavorful Favors

    Package rawhide disks in glassine bags; let the pet parents to give to their four-legged friends after the party.

  • Scented Centerpiece

    A rosemary tree nestled in a galvanized metal bucket is weighted with pebbles to make it extra-secure. Glittered plastic and metal decorations prevent an ornament accident.

  • Special Bow Tie Favors

    Instead of party hats, which are hard to keep from sliding off dogs, purchase bow ties for the male dogs and hair bows for the females. Tie these on each four-legged guest as they come in to the party.

  • Hand-Stitched or Store-Bought

    This one is hand-stitched with blue zebra-print fabric from Quandrille, Inc. If you're short on time, you can also purchase bows at your local pet store before the party.

  • Doggy Bags

    Pin black-and-white treat bags along a clothes line with a copy of the invitation. The stripes add a pop of pattern to the party, and serve as to-go containers for the extra treats.

  • Chew on This

    Provide ample chew toys and tennis balls to keep furry guests occupied during the party.

  • Take-Home Treats

    Let each pet's parent bag up some of their favorite homemade treats to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

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