Host a Christmas Ornament-Making Party

Celebrate the holidays by hosting an ornament-making party. Not only will guests leave with a new skill, the ornaments they make will remind them of your festive gathering all season long.

Go Shopping

Before the party, stock up on supplies by making one single trip to a craft store. Here's a handy shopping list of items to get:
1. Glue sticks
2. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
3. Multi-surface glue
4. Glitter in several colors
5. Sequins
6. Fabric scraps
7. Paper: gift wrapping paper, wallpaper scraps, colored printer paper and cardstock
8. Clear tape
9. Washi tape
10. Beads
11. Holiday embellishments
12. Old ornaments
13. Styrofoam balls
14. Scissors
15. Paper cutters
16. Utility knife
17. String
18. Spray paints, acrylic and water paints
19. Stencils
20. Paper punch
21. Floral wire
22. Hole punch
23. Ribbons in assorted colors
24. Circle cutter
25. Felt sheets
26. Basic sewing kit
27. Colored pens and pencils
28. Buckets and containers for mixing paint

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