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How to Make a Magnolia Leaf Charger

Add a touch of natural sophistication to your Thanksgiving table with these easy-to-create magnolia leaf chargers.

Layla Palmer, The Lettered Cottage

Materials Needed:

  • hot glue and glue sticks
  • faux magnolia leaves
  • inexpensive plastic chargers (don't worry about their color or condition, neither of those will be visible)

Choose Chargers

Check local thrift or big-box stores for plastic chargers. These can often be found for as low as one dollar each. Gather as many charger plates as you'll need to serve each person sitting at the table.

Remove Leaves

Remove several magnolia leaves from artificial magnolia stems.

Arrange Leaves

Arrange magnolia leaves around the entire edge of each charger plate, overlapping them slightly so the charger plate is completely covered. Magnolia leaves are green on the front side and brown on the back, so to create visual interest, alternate which side of each leaf is facing up.

Attach Leaves

Secure leaves to the outer edge of each charger with a small dab of hot glue at the charger's edge and also along the leaf's center and stem.

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