14 To-Die-For Halloween Cocktails

Raise spirits at your Halloween party with these 14 devilishly delightful cocktails, martinis, punches and shooters.

  • Black Devil Martini Halloween Cocktail

    Black Devil Martini

    Dark rum and a black olive garnish give this martini its midnight hue. Rim the glass with coarse orange sugar to dress it up for a Halloween party.

  • Almond Joy Halloween Cocktail

    Almond Joy Martini

    Miss trick-or-treating days? This adults-only drink made from chocolate vodka, hazelnut liqueur and coconut rum tastes like an Almond Joy candy bar, but it will give you more than just a sugar rush.

  • Blood Sucker Halloween Cocktail

    Blood Sucker Cocktail

    To create this vampire-friendly cocktail, shake up triple sec, vodka and pineapple juice, then strain and pour into a glass. Drip strawberry or raspberry puree along the sides of the glass to add streams of \"blood.\"

  • Liquified Ghost Halloween Cocktail

    Liquefied Ghost Cocktail

    Your Halloween guests will die for a taste of this ghostly white cocktail, which tastes like a grown-up version of a milkshake. Mix vanilla simple syrup, cream, vodka and soda, then serve in a martini glass.

  • Halloween Punch Recipe

    Pumpkin Spice Punch

    Summery sangria gets a flavorful update for fall with pumpkin pie spice, bourbon and apple cider. Make a big batch to serve in a hollowed-out pumpkin for a dramatic presentation.

  • Milky Way Halloween Cocktail

    Milky Way Martini

    What would Halloween be without candy? This Milky Way martini combines coffee liqueur, chocolate vodka and cream for an adults-only version of the classic candy bar.

  • Witch's Brew Halloween Cocktail

    Witches' Brew

    Pull out your cauldron to scare up a batch of this party-perfect punch. Pineapple and cranberry juice give this drink its harvest-moon hue while a shot of Malibu rum lends a Caribbean kick.

  • Bloody Brain Halloween Cocktail

    Bloody Brain Shooter

    Channel your inner mad scientist to create this creepy-looking shooter. Add chilled vodka and lime juice to a shot glass, then use a straw to drip Irish cream on top. The acidic lime juice will cause the cream to curdle, creating realistic blobs of \"brain.\"

  • Brain Halloween Cocktail

    The Brain Cocktail

    For a simpler, fruitier take on the Bloody Brain Shooter, pour peach schnapps into a glass and top with Irish cream for a blood-curdling presentation. For extra gore, top with a dash of blood-red grenadine.

  • Zombie Halloween Cocktail

    Zombie Cocktail

    Like zombies themselves, this cocktail packs a powerful punch thanks to apricot brandy and three types of rum: light, dark and high-proof Bacardi 151. Grenadine and orange juice give the drink its lovely pumpkin hue. A few of these and you may indeed feel like the walking dead the next day.

  • Bloody Vampire Halloween Cocktail

    Vampire Cocktail

    This dessert-worthy combination of vanilla ice cream, triple sec and white crème de cacao is deliciously disgusting, thanks to drizzles of blood-red grenadine down the sides of the glass.

  • Halloween Punch

    Nonalcoholic Cemetery Punch

    Kids will flip for this gross-looking punch. Since little ghouls and goblins will likely be pumped up on sugar from trick-or-treat bags, diet root beer and frozen yogurt won't add to the impact.

  • A Twist of Lemon

    Vesper Martini

    Made famous by super-spy James Bond, this chilling recipe, named for 007's deceased love, is sure to give you the vapors.

  • Zombie Gut Punch Cocktail

    Blood orange juice and black cherry soda give this cocktail its bloody hue while vodka and bitters pack a mighty punch. Recipe created by Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark for Cooking Channel

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