13 Summer Cocktails and Frozen Drinks

Chill out at your next outdoor party with a few easy summer cocktails and frozen drinks. Here are 13 delicious ways to savor the season.

  • Melon Margarita Cocktail

    Tom's Mellow Melon Margarita

    Like its name promises, this fruity twist on the traditional margarita will leave you refreshed and feeling mellow.

  • Frozen Banana Cocktail

    Frozen Irish Banana

    Want to feel as though you've escaped to the tropics without leaving home? Take a sip of this coconutty cooler and slip away.

  • Wed Wabbit Cocktail

    Wed Wabbit

    With an infusion of carrot juice, this Bloody Mary-esque drink feels downright healthy. (Well, almost.)

  • Bloody Marys

    Oyster Bar Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary cocktails pair well with so many kinds of dishes. Many say the drink is a dish in itself. The lemon and lime juices in this version add a refreshing tartness.

  • Frozen Orange Cocktail

    The Steve-O 3-O Favo-O-Freeze

    If you can say that name three times fast after drinking one of these, well, you need another! Can you spot the three Os in the ingredients?

  • Frozen Texas Twister Cocktail

    The Frozen Texas Twister

    When you want to blow people away and celebrate in true Lone Star style, use the best tequila (such as Patron Silver) in this frozen confection.

  • Naked Punch Cocktail

    Hop Skip and Go Naked Punch

    This beer punch will make your party guests cheer.

  • Frozen Margiecadorita Cocktail

    Frozen Margie-Cadorita

    Guacamole and tortilla chips are the perfect amigos for margaritas, and this version includes guacamole's essential element.

  • Frozen Hurricane Cocktail

    Frozen Hurricane (N'Awlins Style)

    Get ready to be wowed after sampling this pleaser from the Big Easy.

  • Cocoa Freeze Cocktail

    Texican Tailgate Cocoa Freeze

    Craving hot chocolate but the temperature outside is 100 degrees in the shade? Consider cooling your guests off with this chilly drink.

  • Frozen Mint Julep Cocktail

    Frozen Mint Julep

    This is the perfect Southern way to celebrate and cool off this summer.

  • Berry Brazilian Cocktail

    A Very Berry Brazilian

    This delicious cocktail gets a little sweetness (and style) from muddled summer strawberries.

  • Bloody Clam Cocktail

    The Bloody Clam

    This is a strong contender for the best Bloody Mary, a hearty drink with a hint of the sea.

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