Hosting a Sparkling Blue and White Hanukkah Celebration

Mismatched blue and white plates, an unconventional menorah and plenty of festive chocolate coins come together in this Hanukkah table setting.

  • Dining Table Setting for Hanukkah

    Mixing Blues

    This table uses several shades of blue together, from cobalt to cornflower to navy. As long as blues are in the same family, they will work well together.

  • Hanukkah Place Setting

    Stay Away From a Set

    A traditional English dinner plate is topped with an Asian salad plate. Color ties them together and the patterns provide nice contrast.

  • Hanukkah Table Setting

    Start From the Outside

    Don’t let your guests be intimidated by a lot of silverware — just tell them to start on the outside and work their way in.

  • Hanukkah Themed Dinning Table

    No Menorah? No Problem

    Use eight decorative candle holders as a stand in for a traditional menorah. Use a larger, separate \"Shamash\" candle to light the votives each night. Position the votives on either side of the Shamash.

  • Hanukkah Decorations on the Dinner Table

    Create Levels

    Table arrangements look best when accessories vary in heights. A small glass cake pedestal holds the Shamash of this DIY menorah. Dress up the candle with a crystal holder and chocolate gold coins known as gelt, the Yiddish word for money.

  • Star of David Hanukkah Decorations

    DIY Hanukkah \"Scatters\"

    Cut several Star of David shapes out of blue card stock or scrapbook paper. Outline star in silver glitter or a metallic gold paint pen. Write the Hebrew word for Hanukkah in the center.

  • Decorated Chocolates

    A Sweet Party Favor

    Wrap Hanukkah gelt in a zippered bag with the top cut off. Tie closed with a blue ribbon and set at each place as a small gift for guests to enjoy after dinner or take home.

  • Hanukkah Place Card

    Star of David Place Cards

    Combine two Star of David cutouts to form a three-dimensional place card. Outline the star with glue and glitter and write each guest's name in the center using a metallic gold paint pen.

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