Dress Your Dining Room for the Holidays

Decorating your dining room for the holidays doesn't have to be daunting. These inspiring ideas will take your room from so-so to spectacular.

  • Dining Chair Embellishment

    Dressed-Up Dining Chairs

    Give dining room chairs a festive facelift by adding ribbon and seasonal elements to their backs. Once the ribbon is tied into place, use hot glue to attach faux evergreen sprigs, berries, bells or pinecones. Photo by Layla Palmer.

  • Table Garland

    Beaded Swag

    Adorn your buffet table with a silver beaded garland punctuated by pine cones and pieces of greenery. Use safety pins to hold the garland in place. Photo by Matthew Mead.

  • Menu On Gold Leafed Chalkboard

    Restaurant-Style Menu

    Give guests a pretty preview of the meal to come with a handwritten menu on an ornate chalkboard. Guests will know to save room for dessert, and you'll save yourself from being asked the age-old question, \"What's for dinner?\" Photo by Marian Parsons.

  • Holiday Table Runner Placecard

    Creative Place Cards

    A roll of brown Kraft paper makes for a fun and disposable table runner. Write the name of each guest on the paper near their plate and encourage them to doodle during dinner, too. Photo by Layla Palmer.

  • Gold Leaf Tray

    Gold-Leaf Bar Tray

    Turn a plain black serving tray into a holiday focal point by lining its surface with gold leaf. Set the tray with glasses and your beverage of choice; it's portable enough to move to wherever the party ends up. Photo by Janel Beals.

  • Chandelier Starfish Holiday Decoration

    Shell Chandelier

    Create a coastal Christmas look by hanging lightweight, white pencil starfish from a chandelier. Secure floral wire hooks to the top of each with a small dab of hot glue. Photo by Layla Palmer.

  • Mossy Gift Box Centerpiece With Ornaments

    Gift Box Centerpiece

    Wow dinner guests with a pretty pile of presents in the center of the table. Wrap bricks of floral foam in brown paper and sheet moss to create the \"gifts.\" Tie them up with a bow. Photo by Layla Palmer.

  • Card Table Slipcover

    Ruffled Card Table Slipcover

    Add style to extra seating with this simple, pleated slipcover. Best of all, it can be machine washed and dried, so there's no need to cry over spilled holiday wine. Photo by Marian Parsons.

  • Holiday Napkin Ring

    Holiday-Perfect Napkin Rings

    Create temporary, holiday-themed napkin rings by hot gluing a small scrapbooking embellishment to the tops of everyday rings. When the holidays are over, simply remove the embellishments and save them for next year. Photo By Layla Palmer.

  • Snowflake Table Runner Sets Holiday Mood

    Snowflake Table Runner

    Add whimsy to your winter tabletop with a snowflake-inspired table runner. Cut a variety of different-sized snowflakes out of stiff, white felt and use hot glue to stick the edges of them together. Photo by Layla Palmer.

  • Table Centerpiece of Mini Holiday Gifts

    Gifts for Surprise Guests

    A basket of beautifully-wrapped gifts serves two purposes: It's a bright, festive table centerpiece and a source of treats for unexpected guests. Fill packages with small boxes of chocolates, note pads, books or gift cards. Photo by Matthew Mead.

  • Cupcake on Plates

    A Sweet Message

    Use a toothpick and piece of paper cut into a banner to adorn sweet treats, like this white chocolate-peanut butter cup, with joyous holiday messages. Set them around the dining room for guests to find and enjoy. Photo by Matthew Mead.

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