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Sophisticated Embellished Fall Tablecloth

A plain white tablecloth is given a chic facelift with some lace, pleated trim and ribbon in warm fall colors. This low-sew project is great for seamstresses of all skill levels.

Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors
Dining Table With Embellished Fall Tablecloth

Materials Needed:

  • white tablecloth
  • iron and ironing board
  • straight pins
  • lace trim
  • 1" pleated ribbon trim
  • 1/4" velvet ribbon trim
  • sewing machine
  • coordinating thread
  • scissors
  • washable fabric glue

Pin Lace Trim

Wash and iron tablecloth. Place lace trim around bottom edge of tablecloth and pin into place (Image 1) making sure that the bottom of lace lines up with bottom of tablecloth (Image 2).

  • Pinning Lace Into Place
  • Lining up Lace With the Bottom Edge

Sew Trim

Use sewing machine to stitch lace trim onto tablecloth. Sew along top edge of lace, removing pins as you go. Trim off excess and overlap lace ends slightly where they meet.

Sewing Lace on to a Tablecloth

Sew Pleated Trim

Use sewing machine to sew pleated trim directly over top of lace trim. Pin into place prior to sewing, if desired.

Sewing Pleated Trim on to a Tablecloth

Glue Velvet Ribbon Trim

Apply bead of fabric glue along stitch line over pleated ribbon. Press velvet ribbon gently into glue and continue around entire tablecloth. Trim excess ribbon and butt ends together. Allow tablecloth to lay flat until fabric glue dries.

Gluing Ribbon Trim on to Pleated Trim
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