A Big Pink New Jersey Wedding

Event planner extraordinaire and real housewife Dina Manzo helps a New Jersey couple plan an unforgettable occasion — and fulfill the notion that it's a nice day for a pink wedding.

  • Master of Ceremonies and Design, Dina Manzo

    Dina helps New Jersey couple Avo Meguerditchian and Stacy Sabo fashion boldly stated elegance for their wedding and reception. Though the wedding party may have been relatively small, the design ideas are unquestionably big.

  • Warm Pink Glow

    One of several styles of votives, done predominantly in combinations of pink and gold, help tie together a color motif that sets the tone for this wedding event.

  • Rosy Hue

    A simple rose bouquet blending pinks, reds and oranges combines with the gold tones and sequined backdrop to evoke warmth and celebration.

  • The Honorees

    Bride and groom Stacy Sabo and Avo Meguerditchian

  • Before

    The reception was held in a banquet tent, large enough to accommodate dining tables and a dance floor, seen here prior to furnishing and decoration.

  • After

    The reception space is outfitted with dining and serving tables, a bar and a head table for the two guests of honor.

  • Pretty in Pink

    Dramatic lighting, crystal accessories and draped chiffon accentuate the vivid color theme.

  • Before

    The living room, before its transformation into a wedding chapel

  • After

    Tall floral arrangements on columns help create a grand setting for the bridal entry.

  • A Place for You

    Place settings incorporate a bejeweled commemorative card and continue the pink and gold theme.

  • And a Place for You

    Alternating place settings offer a variation that brings in a touch of leopard print.

  • Roses and Leopard Spots

    Custom vases and floral arrangements continue the pink, gold and leopard theme in this arrangement placed atop a mirrored pedestal.

  • Flowers and Light

    A candelabra centerpiece incorporates a rose bouquet done in pinks and white with peach highlights.

  • Delectable Creation

    The custom wedding cake takes a non-traditional tack with offset tiers, faux ribbon accents and a color palette of — what else? — pink and gold.

  • Icy Pink

    One of several ice sculptures custom-created for the reception

  • Luminescent

    Votive holders ringed with pink rhinestones pick up the rose tones of the flower petals and sequined tablecloth.

  • Shimmering

    Clear hanging beads help amplify the effect of the rosy hued backdrops.

  • Shades of Pink

    The color pink is associated with love, caring, tenderness and romance.

  • Dazzling Pink

    Pink sequins were used in a number of decorative settings.

  • Simply Stated

    Honest and heartfelt declarations are inscribed on specially crafted cards that commemorate the date.

  • The First Waltz

    Bride and groom Stacy and Avo make a dramatic entrance onto the dance floor as wedding attendees look on.

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