Summertime Clambake Party

Whether planning a clambake or a low-country boil, there is nothing more festive in the warmer months then a fresh harvest of seaside flavors and old-time farm favorites.

  • Food at a Clambake

    Time for a Party

    Gathering friends and family around a bounty of delicious and traditional foods can be fun and also easy with just a bit of planning. Either seaside or on a deck, you can easily prepare the flavors of summer party with a trip to the grocery store, farm stand or fishmonger.

  • Original Clambake Invitation


    Print the invitation background leaving a small white border. Cut a piece of vellum the same size as the invitation, and print your invite out on the vellum. Punch two holes in the top of the invitation (a smaller hole punch works best). String twine through the holes and tie.

  • Clambake Citrus Punch

    Coastal Citrus Punch

    This refreshing punch can be made in a large glass jug and placed in a large pail of ice. Place additional fruit and ice in glasses for a fun, decorative touch.

  • Dinner Is Served

    Cook Simply

    Keep it simple with fresh vegetables and fresh seafood from local suppliers. Ask guests to bring a little something, like additional drinks or favorite wines as well as store-bought bakery products like sugar cookies, snickerdoodles or an extra pie.

  • Clambake Blueberry Pie

    Blueberry Pie

    This delicious pie is traditional and memorable. Its simplicity is a tasty and decadent finale to any summertime meal.

  • Clambake Table

    Set the Table

    The dining table should be fun and casual. Use simple earthenware plates and generous napkins made from dishtowels. Place a graniteware pot filled with shellfish in the center of the table and extra lemons around so guests can add flavor. Dot the table with extra bottled soda, beer and flavored waters so guests can help themselves.

  • Paper Garland Decoration

    Easy Decorations

    Add interest to the edge of the table with a fun, decorative clam shell garland. Download our clam template, cut it out and punch a hole at the top of the clam hinge. String with kitchen twine and decorate the edge of the table using double-stick tape. You can also use the garland to decorate windows, doorways or deck and porch railing.

  • Colorful Napkin Rings

    Decorative Napkin Rings

    Dress up simple napkins with banded paper napkin rings. Cut strips of card stock in your preferred color combination. Layer on top of each other, form a circle and tape together in the back.

  • Food Labels

    Label Your Goodies

    Download the label templates, and cut out the two sizes of ovals in the card stock colors of your choice. Layer the smaller one onto the bigger one and tape down using the double-sided tape. Adhere the oval onto a toothpick using regular tape or glue.

  • Clambake Decoration

    Paper Clam Bowls

    Use spray adhesive to attach a decorative piece of paper to a piece of card stock. Download our template, and cut out the pattern from the paper. Fold to create the shape of a bowl, and staple together at each end.

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