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How to Make a Halloween Chalkboard Treat Bucket

Create a Halloween treat bucket that can be decorated and customized each year to coordinate with a costume or theme. Kids will love this interactive trick-or-treat accessory that can be topped with a lid to safely store their stash.

Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors
Paint Bucket Turned Candy Holder

Materials Needed:

  • new, clean paint bucket
  • spray primer
  • chalkboard spray paint
  • painter's tape
  • chalk

Clean and Tape Bucket

Wash new paint can with mild soap and water. Dry with towel. Use painter's tape to protect top and bottom edges as well as the handle and lid.

Protection From Paint

Spray Primer

In a well-ventilated area, apply one coat of spray primer to can. Tip: When using spray paint, move paint can in long, even strokes. Apply paint in a thin layer to prevent drips.

Spray Painting

Spray Chalkboard Paint

In the same manner as primer, apply two coats of spray chalkboard paint. Allow it to fully dry before removing tape slowly to prevent paint from pulling away.

Decorating Your Treat Bucket

Season Chalkboard

Rub flat side of a piece of chalk along chalkboard surface to season it. This simple but necessary step will prevent writing from being burned into the surface. Remove chalk with damp paper towel.

Treat Bucket Decorations

Decorate Bucket

Use chalk to decorate paint can to coordinate with child's costume or theme. Remove lid while trick-or-treating and use the lidded bucket afterward to store Halloween treats or for organizing small toys.

Adding the Letters
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