Quick and Easy Appetizers

Simple recipes make entertaining a cinch. Check out our favorite appetizers for any party.

  • Prosciutto-Wrapped Bread Sticks

    The perfect addition to your cheese platter. Wrap paper-thin slices of prosciutto around three-quarters of each bread stick. Serve with assorted cheeses.

  • Grilled Carne Adobo Skewers

    Give beef skewers a Spanish-infused kick with a sauce made from chilies, spices and citrus juice.

  • Deep-Fried Camembert

    Take fried cheese to the next level with camembert and truffles. Elegant and delicious, this quick and easy appetizer is perfect for your next party.

  • Caprese Bites

    On a decorative toothpick, skewer one cherry tomato, a basil leaf and a ball of mozzarella. Serve with varieties of marinated olives, sliced Italian meats and breadsticks.

  • Raw Oysters With Mignonette Sauce

    Complement raw oysters with a simple yet tasty sauce made from shallots, lemon juice, peppercorns and vinegar.

  • Cheese Straws

    No party is complete without the classic cheese straw. A tasty combination of butter and cheese gets an added kick with cayenne pepper.

  • Cheese Fondue

    Always a party favorite, cheese fondue can be made hours before serving. Serve with favorite vegetables and crusty bread.

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