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Jingle Bells Ring in Holiday Beauty

Here are some quick and easy ways to give your holidays an instant shine.

Even if you don't have a lot of time to decorate, you can still give your home a special Christmas look courtesy of Country Sampler Decorating Ideas magazine.

  • Instead of beads, add a row of bells to a lampshade.


  • Make your own wine charms by tying different colored bells onto the stems with ribbon.


  • Keep a tablecloth in place with bells stitched onto each corner.


  • Use bells to decorate chair ties


  • Instead of sand, pebbles or shells, fill a large glass vase with bells and set a pillar candle inside.


  • Create a sweet-smelling table centerpiece out of cinnamon sticks.


  • Découpage holiday cards onto a red-painted tray for a festive way to serve drinks and hors d'oeuvres.


  • To make this garland, dip the ends of old spoons in glue and sprinkle on shiny white glitter for a sugary effect. Drill tiny holes into the tops and thread on a piece of ribbon.

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