5 Easy Ideas for an Elegant Dinner Party

Hosting a high-class dinner party doesn't have to be difficult. With a bit of creativity, you can design a stylish party setting using items you already own. Try these simple tips for your next gathering.

  • simple table setting

    Embellish Your Basics

    You don't need brand-new dinnerware to create a chic table setting for a dinner party. Instead, start with neutral pieces you already own and dress them up with colorful napkin rings and other details.

  • Get Personal

    Find a simple yet stylish way to personalize each guest's place at the table, such as tying a pretty tag to each glass with the guest's named marked on it. Photo by Laura Fenton.

  • Keep It Simple

    Even if you don't have an expert eye for color, you can easily create a classy setting for your party with a monochromatic color palette. Try using dinnerware and decor in shades of brown for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

  • Go for a Theme

    Choosing a motif for your party makes it easy to coordinate your menu and decor. Try a south-of-the-border theme, complete with a Mexican-influenced menu and colorful, festive decor. Serve condiments out of inexpensive terra-cotta pots and use your boldest, brightest table linens and dishes — with all the bold hues of a fiesta it won’t even matter if they match.

  • Dress Up the Table

    Stylish centerpieces are an important finishing touch for any dinner party. To create beautiful, no-fuss centerpieces, start by filling vases you already own with simple arrangements of fresh flowers. Complete the look and add ambiance with inexpensive candles. Shop for these silver chargers.

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