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20 Cocktail Recipes

If your next gathering calls for mixed drinks, we can help you plan the beverage menu. Here are 20 party-perfect potent potables.

Bourbon-Based Cocktail Recipes:
Classic Mint Julep

Gin-Based Cocktail Recipes:
Tom Collins
Gin and Tonic
Dirty Martini
Dry Gin Martini
Vesper Martini

Rum-Based Cocktail Recipes:
Trader Vic's Original Mai Tai

Tequila-Based Cocktail Recipes:
Lavender Margarita
Tequila Sunrise

Vodka-Based Cocktail Recipes:
Raspberry Vodka and Soda
Lemon Drop
Espresso Martini
Moscow Mule
Bloody Mary

Whiskey-Based Cocktail Recipes
The Sazerac
Whiskey Sour
Irish Coffee
Hot Toddy

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