Centerpieces for Warm Weather

Autumn and winter bring a myriad of centerpieces with them — but what about spring and summer? These centerpieces show that warmer months don't have to be void of stylish tablescapes.

  • Pink Floral Centerpiece

    Pretty and Pink

    Dual-toned ranunculus placed in a bud vase lend a cheery pop of pink. A gold stripe on the vase picks up the gilded flatware and ties the tablescape together.

  • Outdoor Table Floral Centerpiece With Fresh Oranges

    Added Vitamin C

    Fresh fruit can make a summery centerpiece even zestier. And like the flowers, citrus has a pleasant aromatic quality.

  • Bird Decorations

    Watering Can Charmer

    White tulips are an elegant, affordable flower and when placed in a weathered watering can, seem freshly plucked from a garden.

  • No Flowers Necessary

    If you're worried about wilting flowers, succulents make an excellent alternative. Forget to water the arrangement? No worries! Succulents hold moisture in their stems, roots or leaves. Image courtesy of Viceroy Miami

  • Here Comes the Sun(flowers)

    It doesn't get much sunnier than sunflowers. Because they're so big, you won't need many to make an impact. The happy yellow is a fantastic contrast to the blue in the cushions and outdoor rug. Image courtesy of Laurie Bell

  • Plywood Table with Party Decor

    Spiky Stunners

    Quill-like petals of flowers such as Cactus Dahlias add a wild beauty to any summertime table. The bold colors amp up the drama, too.

  • Potted Plant Centerpieces

    Taking the Heat

    Cut flowers don't always hold up well in the summer heat. Outdoor centerpieces of potted plants are a much smarter option.

  • My Little Buttercup

    A springtime celebration calls for small bunches of bright-yellow flowers.

  • Beach-Themed Table Setting

    Sea Glass

    A beach-themed table with a simple collection of shells as the centerpiece is a great idea for an oceanside retreat or country cottage.

  • Daffodils Centerpiece

    Sweet Sunshine

    Daffodils have always lent themselves to Easter, but they can hold their own as centerpieces throughout the spring and summer.

  • Asian Allure

    This vibrant Asian-inspired table is perfect for easy summer meals. A centerpiece of purple irises complements the bright colors of the plates.

  • La-La-La-Lily

    A few long-lasting calla lilies on a bright table are a perfect warm-weather centerpeice.

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