Rustic Table Settings

Not all table settings have to be ornate masterpieces. Sometimes the best looks are simple, pared-down designs that incorporate casual plateware and natural elements.

  • susu5 hand painted dining room walls

    Simply the Best

    RMS user susu5 created this elegant but simple tablescape for a design competition -- which she won. Her design proves that you don't need tablecloths, fancy china and ornate flower arrangements to create a beatiful table.

  • rustic table setting

    Easy Earthtones

    Potted plants, autumnal tableware and simple white candlesticks transform a barren table into a rustic gathering place.

  • rustic table setting

    Mission (Im)Possible

    Feast your eyes on this rustic Mission look. Casual plateware, tea lights and white flowers were the only ingredients in this delightful table setting.

  • Dennis dining room table

    An Apple a Day

    Lori Dennis uses a collection of everyday objects to create a pared-down yet surprisingly posh look.

  • Let's Do the Time Warp Again

    This traditional dining room, by RMS user BelleInterior, is kept modern by the fun, fresh table setting. The easy design has a rustic elegance that's right at home alongside vintage wallpaper and a roaring fire.

  • info40486456-rustic-table-setting

    Everything's Coming Up Roses

    The star of this tablesetting is the long floral centerpiece. By using handmade touches, earthtones and no additional decor, the designer allows the roses to take center stage.

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