20 Holiday Desserts

It's the most wonderful time of the year to entertain. Try one of these traditional Christmas desserts at your next holiday gathering.

  • Chocolate Biscuit Cake

    A sweet treat that requires no baking, this easy chocolate cake is rich and is the perfect after-meal dessert for chocolate lovers. Get the recipe>>

  • Pomegranate-Blood Orange Tiramisu

    Blood orange is in season, so this is the time to add it in a delectable dessert. This recipe combines pomegranate, blood orange and mascarpone cheese for a delicious combination that will have you coming back for seconds. Get the recipe>>

  • Pineapple Tartlet

    Packed with flavor from pineapple, ginger and rosemary, this tartlet is a refreshing dessert any guest will love. Get the recipe>>

  • Decadent Ginger Cake

    Ginger Cake

    It's worth making this deliciously moist cake at least two or three days before you want to serve it — the cake will store well in an airtight tin and, as the days go by, it will mature in flavor. Serve individual portions of the cake with a small spoonful of whipped cream or creme fraiche on the side. Get the recipe>>

  • Chocolate Brownie Pudding

    If it's hard to satisfy your sweet tooth, this chocolate brownie is sure to do the trick. A molten lava cake and brownie hybrid, this chocolatey treat is even more tasty topped with vanilla ice cream. Get the recipe>>

  • Pumpkin Tiramusu Layer Cake

    Amaretti cookies give this moist pumpkin spike layered cake the crunch it needs. For extra sweetness, drizzle syrup on the cookies. Get the recipe>>

  • Mincemeat Pies Are Traditional Holiday Sweet

    Mince Pies

    This traditional British dessert, combining apples, raisins and currants in a crisp pastry, is perfect for the holiday season. Get the recipe>>

  • Red Velvet Cake

    Add some color to your dessert table with rich velvet cake. Perfect for any occassion, this recipe will please even the pickiest guests. Get the recipe>>

  • Dark Chocolate Truffles

    These aren't just any truffles — the champagne and coconut flakes add an unexpected punch of flavor. Get the recipe>>

  • Layer Brownies with Wax Paper to Prevent Sticking

    Chocolate Brownies

    Classic fudgy brownies are easy to make and a favorite for all ages. Bake a batch for holiday get-togethers or to give as a handmade treat. Get the recipe>>

  • Classic Sachertorte


    Sachertorte is a classic Viennese dark chocolate cake that is quite dense and rich, and not overly sweet. Ideally it should be served in small slices with a little unsweetened whipped cream on the side. Get the recipe>>

  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Tiramisu

    Classic tiramisu is given a twist with an all-time fall favorite, pumpkin. A touch of espresso makes this dessert the perfect pairing with a cup of joe. Get the recipe>>

  • Gingerbread Layer Cake

    Put a modern spin on the classic gingerbread recipe with a layer cake. The cream cheese frosting combined with cake layers creates a dessert to die for. Get the recipe>>

  • Martha Washington Candy

    An old-fashioned favorite, butter and pecans are rolled into bittersweet dark chocolate balls for a fun treat that's easy to eat. Get the recipe>>

  • White Chocolate Truffles

    Next time you make truffles, include a mixture of plain white chocolate and truffles covered with hazelnuts, sesame seeds and dried coconut. Stack them in a tower on a cake stand to create an edible centerpiece. Get the recipe>>

  • Plum Pudding

    Plum Pudding

    Plum pudding, also known as Christmas pudding, brings fruits and spice together in a rich, decadent dessert. Traditionally, they are set alight with brandy before serving. Get the recipe>>

  • Dinner Party Affogato


    An Italian favorite, top ice cream with chocolate sauce and serve with espresso. To add some crunch, serve it with biscotti. Get the recipe>>

  • Pear and Fig Tart

    Even the most novice chef can concoct this recipe. Make this fruit-and-cream tart in a jar for a perfect hostess gift or party favors. Get the recipe>>

  • Chocolate Brittle

    Chocolate Brittle

    Make this simple dessert for your holiday party — a mixture of white, milk and dark chocolate brittle. Get the recipe>>

  • Stollen Traditional German Christmas Bread


    This rich, German Christmas bread is filled with rum-soaked fruits and wrapped around an almond paste center. Get the recipe>>

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