35 Easter Decorating Ideas

Banish winter blahs and brighten up your home indoors and out with fresh flowers, cheery spring colors and whimsical Easter-themed touches.

  • Chalkboard Pots

    Force Bulbs in Chalkboard Pots

    Add a cheery pop of spring color to your foyer, living room, kitchen — or anywhere. Chalkboard spray paint and inexpensive terra cotta pots are all you need. Once the bulbs have finished blooming indoors, plant them in your garden so you can enjoy their flowers for many springs to come.

  • Add Life to Your Wreath

    Living wreaths provide an appealing look indoors and out. Use plants that represent spring and are easy to care for, such as succulents and moss. Photo courtesy of Kim Foren

  • Sparkling Easter Eggs

    Get Your Glitter On

    Shimmering eggs in a bed of moss make a lovely (and easy!) Easter centerpiece. To create them, paint wooden, cardboard or blown-out eggs in soft pastel shades. Once the paint has dried, apply glue dots in a random pattern then sprinkle glitter over the eggs for a sparkling polka dot effect.

  • Table Setting with Pink and Purple Flowers

    Bring the Indoors Out

    Why stay cooped up inside when dining outdoors in the spring is such a treat? Weather permitting, carry the dining table outside and enjoy your Easter dinner in the sunshine surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers just breaking into bloom.

  • Pretty Place Settings

    Seriously, how sweet are these little chicks? HGTV fan Decorating Ideas Made Easy proves that creatively showing guests their seat needn't be hard work. She simply printed guests' names onto small strips of card stock then topped each plate with a pair of fluffy chicks and candy eggs.

  • Mantel With Springtime Decoration

    Make-Over the Mantel

    Your fireplace mantel is a great place to showcase seasonal displays — especially if it's the first area guests see when entering your home. To spring-ify her mantel, designer Layla Palmer put her creamware collection to good use by filling pitchers with fresh-cut greenery. Pale green dyed eggs, wicker chargers and small faux bird's nests add an organic touch.

  • Bird Decorations

    Old is New Again

    Designer Brian Patrick Flynn takes advanatage of warming spring days by moving his Easter get-together outdoors. For a quick-and-easy centerpiece, he pairs weathered watering cans, filled with tulips, with vintage chick lawn ornaments.

  • Freshen Up Your Front Door

    Brighten up your home's entry with a colorful Easter wreath. Use hot glue to attach layers of faux spring branches to a pussywillow wreath form. Twine-and-raffia carrots and mini egg-filled nests (both from the craft store) add the perfect finishing touch. Design by HGTV fan Decorating Ideas Made Easy.

  • Easter Banner

    Print Out Our (Free!) Banner

    Welcome family and friends to your Easter celebration with this colorful banner. Just print this PDF onto card stock, cut out the pennants, then glue them onto ribbon.

  • Embellish Your Old Vases

    Look in your own home for inspiration when decorating for Easter. Take ordinary vases and jars, and wrap them with spring-inspired wrapping paper. Mix and match patterns, and fill vases with bold flowers to create an eye-catching centerpiece. Photo courtesy of Kim Foren

  • Monogrammed Egg Place Cards

    HGTV fan nyclq spraypainted plastic eggs a mellow antique gold before applying lettered stickers she found in the scrapbooking aisle of her local craft store. Fill the eggs with chocolates to make each place card a sweet party favor.

  • Outdoor Table Floral Centerpiece With Fresh Oranges

    Add a Little Zest

    Halved oranges and lemons will add a fragrant, colorful pop to your Easter centerpiece. For maximum freshness, cut the fruit then skewer the halves on floral picks or dowels and slide these into the arrangement right before guests arrive.

  • Playful Moss Monogram

    Make a Moss Monogram

    Add a personal touch to your spring decor with this easy-to-craft initial — just glue moss and artificial buds to a chipboard or wooden letter. Get the full step-by-step instructions below.

  • Keep the Eggs in the Carton

    Create an appealing, low centerpiece using eggs, flowers and an egg carton. To make this, pierce the top of a raw egg with a pin, then gently poke the hole with your finger to widen it. Empty the whites and yolk carefully through the hole, and rinse the shell with water. Fill with delicate flowers like sweet pea and mimosa. Place the eggs in a carton or individually in eggcups. Photo courtesy of HGTV Magazine

  • Let Mother Nature Set the Scene

    A wisteria-covered lattice in HGTV fan kitgo's backyard creates a romantic setting for her family's Easter brunch.

  • Handmade bird's nest as a spring decoration

    Craft a Faux Bird's Nest With Robin's Eggs

    In under an hour, you can turn aluminum foil (yes, aluminum foil), Spanish moss, tree bark and sphagnum moss into a realistic bird's nest you can fill with painted robin's eggs or Easter treats.

  • Colorful Easter Banquet

    Make a Colorful Egg Garland

    Blown-out pastel eggs are strung together to create this colorful garland. Click on the link below for complete step-by-step instructions.

  • Group Egg Vases Together

    To make the ultimate centerpiece, group egg vases together in faux nests or an Easter basket. Dye some of the eggs to add more color to the table. Photo courtesy of Kim Foren

  • Freshen Up Your Front Porch

    Just a few pots filled with blooming plants will add a lot of impact for very little time, money or effort. HGTV fan nyclq keeps the same black painted pots on her porch year-round and switches out their contents to reflect the season.

  • Enchanting Centerpiece Design

    Add a Little Drama

    Tall manzanita branches hung with paper butterflies create an architectural centerpiece for this sun-washed spring table setting by thrify diva Kate Riley. Vintage plates, pale blue dyed eggs and fluffy white hydrangeas work together to create an icy, eye-catching color palette.

  • Bring Spring to the Table

    Creating a memorable place setting can easily be done with only a few steps. Dye eggs, and use a hole punch to cut circles from adhesive white label paper. Peel the backing off each dot and place on the egg in your pattern of choice. Place the decorated egg in a faux bird's nest, and add napkins in coordinating spring colors. Photo courtesy of HGTV Magazine

  • Small But Mighty

    To make these delicate vases, carefully open the top of each egg using a pin. Clean the inside, and fill with small grasses and delicate flowers. Fill the shells halfway with water and display as a centerpiece or as place settings. Photo courtesy of Kim Foren

  • End Table with Lamp and Floral Decor

    Colorful Pick-Me-Up

    Dogwood branches add a happy pop of spring color to HGTV fan nyclq's contemporary living room. Like forsythia and cherry, dogwood branches can be cut before blooms appear and forced indoors by simply placing the cut ends in water. Better still, dogwoods are slow bloomers so the flowering branches will put on a colorful show for several weeks.

  • Mix It Up

    The key to mixing patterns is to use them in complementary colors. Use floral, polka dot and stripe patterns in spring-inspired colors to tie the whole look together. Photo courtesy of Kim Foren

  • Floral Centerpiece Next to Table Linens

    Don't Forget the Bathroom

    Small vases filled with fresh flowers are sure to brighten up rooms where Easter guests may linger — like the bathroom.

  • Tissue Pom Poms

    Make Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

    Requiring just four steps, crafting these fluffy paper decorations is easier than you may think. Hung above your dining room table, these colorful flowers act as a floating centerpice. Ready to make your own? Check out the complete step-by-step instructions below.

  • Make a Bold Statement

    Add some bright wildflowers to your arrangement to create a standout focal point. Place them in a hollow log or other rustic container to place at the center of your table or in various areas of your home. Photo courtesy of flickr user hello-julie

  • Spell It Out

    Chalkboard crafts have been popular for quite a while and are still going strong. HGTV fan nyclq filled in the center of a decorative wall plaque with chalkboard paint so she could easily change out its message with the seasons.

  • Pretty Up the Porch

    Spring tulips tucked into a handmade stoneware vase add a sweet pop of color to flickr user hello-julie's front porch. Once cut, tulips last for just a few days so, for best results, make your arrangements the day before guests arrive.

  • Decorated Easter Tree

    Trim the (Easter) Tree

    An Easter tree is a favorite tradition for many families. HGTV fan Love2DandD places hers in her small foyer surrounded by pastel colors and traditional Easter touches.

  • Add Some Chicks

    If you're going for easy and budget-friendly, then this wreath is for you. All you need to do is tie 8-inch pieces of grosgrain ribbon around a wire wreath form until filled. Attach baby yellow chenille chicks around the circle with hot glue. Photo courtesy of HGTV Magazine

  • Go Green

    Go eco-friendly this year by dyeing your eggs using household items. Yellow onions, beets and turmeric make great dyes. It's non-toxic, beautiful and easy to do! Photo courtesy of Kim Foren

  • Skip the Pastels

    Forget the traditional pastel colors and opt for a brighter option. Place bold flowers like grape hyacinth, tulips and fuchsia phlox in an equally bold ceramic urn to make a powerful statement. Photo courtesy of flickr user hello-julie

  • Table Setting With Floral Bouquet

    Get Fancy Without the Cost

    Incorporate tall glass cake pedestals in varying heights in your Easter tablescape. Place moss on the pedestals, and add ironstone pitchers filled with your desired flower arrangements.

  • Egg Basket Table Setting

    Give a Little Gift

    Use leftover moss from your centerpiece to make party favors for family and friends. Fill miniature baskets with moss and speckled candy eggs, and attach a name tag with each guest's name on each basket. The baskets serve double duty as favors and place cards.

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