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How to Make Paper Mache Bowls

Make these simple gold bowls as a catch-all container that will look great in your entryway.

Chelsea Costa, Lovely Indeed
Gold Paper Mache BowlsChelsea Costa

Materials Needed:

  • newspaper
  • ModPodge
  • balloons
  • plastic cups
  • foam brush
  • scissors
  • craft paint
  • liquid gilding

Prepare Materials

Cut newspaper into 1x3-inch strips. Blow up a few balloons, varying the size of each one to make a set of bowls.

White BalloonsChelsea Costa

Layer Newspaper

Paint a layer of ModPodge on the end of a balloon. Apply strips of newspaper one by one, ensuring they soak up glue as you apply. Once you have a base layer, apply another layer of ModPodge, and place a layer of newspaper strips on top. Continue to repeat these steps until you have about five to six layers of paper covering all areas of your bowl.

Apply ModPodgeChelsea Costa

Let Bowls Set

Place balloons on empty cups to dry, making sure they're stable (image 1). Allow your balloons to set and dry thoroughly, about 24 hours. Once dry, gently pop the balloons and pull away from the bowls (image 2).

  • Paper Mache DryingChelsea Costa
  • Paper Mache BowlsChelsea Costa

Trim and Paint

Trim the uneven edges around the top of the bowls (image 1). Flip the bowls upside-down and apply craft paint, applying multiple coats if necessary. Allow to dry (image 2). Flip back over and paint the inside of the bowls with liquid gilding (image 3). Leave for about a day to completely dry and cure (image 4).

  • Trim Bowls' EdgesChelsea Costa
  • Painted Paper Mache BowlsChelsea Costa
  • Paint Gilding in BowlChelsea Costa
  • Gold Paper Mache BowlsChelsea Costa

Add Items

Fill the bowls with catch-all items or jewelry.

Gold Paper Mache BowlChelsea Costa
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