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Add a Recessed Planter to an Outdoor Table

Create a spring display of greenery by integrating a planter into a wooden outdoor table.

Brian Patrick Flynn, Flynnside Out Productions
Sarah Dorio Photography

Materials Needed:

  • wooden outdoor table
  • damp cloth
  • exterior latex paint or water-based stain
  • stain pad
  • paint roller sleeve
  • paint roller handle
  • paint pan
  • drop cloth
  • angled paint brush
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • jigsaw
  • palm sander
  • sanding pads
  • plastic or metal planter box with an overhanging lip
  • planting soil
  • plants or flowers

Choose Table

Pick a table that fits your space. Coffee tables, end tables and dining tables will work. The table needs to be long and wide enough to leave at least one foot of table surface around the planter.

Choose Table for ProjectRustic White Photography

Choose Planter

Select a planter box with an overhanging lip around the top that will fit into the table's center. Square, rectangular, ovular and round planters all work well, but it's best to choose a planter with a similar shape to the table.

Choose Planter for ProjectRustic White Photography

Trace Planter to Table

Place the planter in the center of the table. Use a pencil to trace the bottom of the planter on the surface of the table.

Trace Planter to TableRustic White Photography

Cut Out Hole

Using the penciled lines as a guide, cut out the center of the table with a jigsaw.

Cut Out Hole with JigsawRustic White Photography

Sand Surfaces

Use a palm sander to smooth down all surfaces of the wood.

Sand SurfacesRustic White Photography

Update With Paint or Stain

Once the surface is smooth to the touch, wipe wood with damp cloth and add stain with stain pad or apply paint with roller or angled brush. Let dry.

Update with Paint or StainRustic White Photography

Add Planter

Place plants into the container. Place the planter inside the hole, with the overhanging lip holding the planter in place.

Add Plants and Place Planter onto TableRustic White Photography
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