Simple Solutions for Craft Room Clutter

To crafters, it might seem like there are not enough shelves and bins in the world to hold all of the tiny bottles of paint, glue and glitter. Never fear: Here are 10 genius ways to corral the clutter that comes with crafting.

Muffin Pan, Organized Man Photo courtesy of Heather Dutton

Store Odds and Ends in Muffin Tins

Whether you've accumulated more muffin pans than you bake with or have found some great antique versions at rummage sales — like this one featured on Vintage Indie — it's time to put them to use. A tray placed in a craft drawer can separate odds and ends in a snap — and keep them in place. It also makes it easy to carry pint-sized supplies from room to room. Photo courtesy of Heather Dutton

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