DIY Home Storage: Cabinets and Shelving

It's hard to keep your home organized when there isn't enough storage space. Build your own cabinets and shelving with these easy DIY tutorials.

  • For the Mudroom

    With a little paint, fabric, and elbow grease, HGTV Magazine turned a plain armoire into a self-contained organization station!

  • Open Bathroom Shelves

    For the Bathroom

    Create stylish storage for your bathroom: This build-it-yourself shelving unit is a perfect way to make unused wall space functional.

  • White Bathroom Wall Crate Decor

    For the Bathroom

    Transform bare bathroom walls with functional and decorative crate shelving.

  • For the Bathroom

    Add rustic style to a bathroom by repurposing wooden shipping pallets as an open storage solution to house toiletries and other essentials.

  • Colorful Bath Storage Tower

    For the Bathroom

    Create stylish, freestanding storage ladder for your bathroom with this simple project.

  • For the Bathroom

    HGTV Magazine gives this simple how-to advice for transforming a bookcase into a cheery bathroom storage piece.

  • For the Kids' Room

    Turn a bedroom wall into a storage unit with bunk beds using ready-made cabinets and basic lumber.

  • DIY Kitchen Pot Rack and Storage Shelf

    For the Kitchen

    In just a few hours, turn inexpensive, easy-to-find materials into wall-mounted storage for a cabinet full of pots and pans, plus your favorite cookbooks and kitchen essentials.

  • Wooden Kitchen Shelf by Designer Ana White

    For the Kitchen

    Make rustic wood wall shelves in minutes from discarded pallets to keep cookbooks, dishes, bottles and other kitchen accessories within reach.

  • Dining Room Hutch

    For the Dining Room

    Adding a hutch to a dining area increases storage and displays beautiful serving ware, dishes, glasses, wine bottles and seasonal decor. This simple DIY hutch is made from solid pine boards and can be done in a few hours with basic tools.

  • For Any Room

    Ladders can become cute and colorful shelving units courtesy of this easy DIY tutorial from the experts at HGTV Magazine.

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